Laure Jaffuel Studio

I care about you (EVENT)

Residency Program / Public Space intervention / Communitism / 2018 / Athens (GR)

Like the voice of the building itself, the project declare publicly “Hey you, I care about you, come dance with me” / “Γειασου, μου νοιάζει. ελά να χορέψετε μου”. It functions like a public sign that is delivering a collective message, addressing the pedestrians, the locals, the marginals, the neighbours, the foreigners, the immigrants, the party people, the strangers, etc. Claiming care and celebration as a solidarity gesture toward the local community and festive collective experience as a social cement, it's making a open and inclusive call to the hood, the city of Athens, to anyone passing by.  Being at the same time, an in-temporal message, a community’s slogan and an invitation to join in. Along with the sign, a collection of recycled silk-screened T-shirt with the same printed slogan will be designed for Communitism, all benefits will be invested to support the building renovation and the social activities. 

Laure Presentation Communistism13.jpg
Laure Presentation Communistism12.jpg
Laure Presentation Communistism16.jpg